GREEN FEED specializes in setting up special feeding rations for productive livestock, poultry farming, fur bearing animals breeding and the industrial production of fish feed and pet food.

Our specialized nutritionists create formulas of diet, with an ideal ratio of natural raw materials and natural additional nutrients to achieve optimal production capacity and quality of animal products.



GREEN FEED offers its wide clientele the specialized service of chemical and microbiological analysis of raw materials for the feed through Masterlab, the subsidiary company of Nutreco.

The analysis is carried out in the fully equipped laboratories of Masterlab offering the maximum precision for each chemical ingredient or microbiological load contained in the feed tested.



GREEN FEED provides detailed services of nutrition optimization with the use of Nutriopt system of Nutreco, the world champion Group in the animal feed field.

The specialized Nutriopt system enables the creation of the most economic and efficient formula for feed, including the necessary additional supplements required in the mixture of feed, depending on:

  • the specific nutritional needs of animals,
  • the natural strengthening of their immune system
  • and the achievement of superior quality characteristics in production.

GREEN FEED uses exclusively natural supplements and purely beneficial chemicals to achieve concrete and specific results such as better hair growth, healthy skin, combating of fatigue and stress, egg shell strengthening, handling of ruminants metabolic diseases, such as acidosis, ketosis, lameness etc.



GREEN FEED holds the Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy feed analysis system.

The NIRS system uses infrared radiation and automatically provides the results of the analysis, since it is connected with an updated database containing millions of samples of raw materials feed from around the world.

Thus, the company is able to provide immediately a thorough, approximate analysis of the origin and the components of the feed materials.

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