GREEN FEED is the company which specializes in the importing and handling of feed additives for animal feed and animal feed supplements. The clientele ranges from large feed industries and large integrated livestock units to large livestock and poultry farms, the "kitchens" of production of fur bearing animal feed, fish feed, as well as pet feed production industries.

GREEN FEED imports and distribute additives & supplements for animal feed, free of any hazzard or animal health damaging ingredients, without drugs or harmful chemicals and antibiotics. Nutritional feed additives and feed supplements which offer all the valuable ingredients for the production of balanced feed for breeding and fattening of animals, birds, fish, fur bearing animals and pets following the latest instruction of modern nutrition. Natural feed additives and feed supplements which leave no residues in the body of animals or in the meat, milk, eggs and fish, people consume, or even the environment. The feed supplements produced and proposed include the so-called nutraceticals, which contain only the necessary nutrients for animals (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics, prebiotics) and always exclude pharmaceutical additives or harmful chemicals. The Natural Disinfectants line of the PUREUS USA company is also included in the natural products available by the company to poultry, cattle and fur bearing animal breed units, which are based on natural substances, such as liquid quartz (glass) and work through the natural hydration-dehydration process of all pathogenic microorganisms, as well as the retention and absorption of up to 70% of the ammonia in the environment.


Moreover, GREEN FEED offers a wide range of specialized services equivalent to its clientele.

• It specializes in setting up special diets with nutritional recipes by expert nutritionists, aiming to optimize the production capacity and health of animals, as well as the quality of animal products.

• It offers chemical and microbiological analysis of the raw materials of the feed.

• It provides detailed feed services and nutrition optimization using the Nutreco Nutriopt system to achieve both economy and efficiency.

• It features the sophisticated system of Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy (NIRS).

• With infrared radiation and an updated database of millions of raw materials analysis samples, so as to provide directness in the approximate analysis of the origin and ingredient contents in feed materials.

All products and procedures followed by GREEN FEED are certified according to the highest standards of the European Union, at all stages of production, storage and handling.

Our history

  • 2015

    On January 1st Spyros Komis founds Green Feed to succeed and continue the work of Trouw Nutrition Hellas.
  • 2001 - 2014

    Spyros Komis is chosen for the position of General Manager of Trouw Nutrition Hellas by the Board of Nutreco and holds this position up to December 2014.
  • 2000

    On June 6th, Spyros Komis founds Trouw Nutrition Hellas, a subsidiary of Nutreco Group, one of the largest companies in the field of animal nutrition globally.
  • 1998

    On September 30th, Spyros Komis introduces Trouw Nutrition in Greece, as the official representative of Trouw Nutrition Italia.
  • 1989

    On April 3rd, Spyros Komis begins his career in the animal nutrition field, being an executive of the Pharmaceutical Company ROCHE Hel-las S.A., after completing his studies and graduating the Agricultural University of Athens specializing in animal production and nutrition of Farm Animals.

Our history landmarks and the constant development of our consistent professional course in the field of animal nutrition.

Each day is important with regard to nutrition. Our care for the animal well-being, the clean environment and the human health is constant.

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